B 60


	<br />Bonar B60 

60 Gallon Tote

Our B60 offers an unsurpassed combination of safety, form, and functionality.
Provides complete evacuation from its sloped bottom and single center sump.
No more puddling problems associated with old style flat bottomed, multiple sump tanks.
The patented adapter system provides unlimited, tamper evident pump options.
 Available with a 6" x 2" adapter cap or the Scienco® DD6 diaphragm pump. 

•Patented pump adapter system gives flexibility to virtually any pumping
system while still drawing from a single center sump
•Literature pocket provides protection for booklets, sheets, etc.
•Sloped bottom helps assure complete evacuation
•Top skit provides extra pump protection and easy stacking
•Equip with up to three self-venting pump options at the same time or use the extra 2" ports for venting
•Tamper evident top openings
•Four-way fork-liftable designed to fit standard pallet jack
•Distinctive square design makes the most of expensive warehouse and truck space

LxWxH Inches/cm
Tare Weight
32" x 32" x 32"
81 x 81 x 81
             All weights & dimensions are approximate. Dimensions may be +/- one inch (1").




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