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PB1545 Medium Insulated Chest

24 CuFt / 180 Gallon Polar Insulated Chest

Polar freezer boxes are ideal for safe storage and delivery of:

  • Dry ice
  • Serums
  • Laboratory specimens
  • Vaccines
  • Culture packs
  • Frozen pharmaceuticals
  • Human organs

Polar Dry Ice Brochure (PDF)
Polar Food Distribution Brochure (PDF)
PB1545 Insulated Chest Drawing (PDF)
Split Lid Drawing (PDF)

Order Name Dimensions Gallons Capacity Capacity Weight ForkliftEntry PalletBase
10 PB1545 48" x 43" x 35" 180 24 (Cu. Ft.) 162 lbs
20 Split Lid 48.6" x 43.4" x 5.6" lbs
  • Engineered resins that can handle ultra-cold temperatures (-117F/-83C)
  • Boxes filled with 2 lb. PUR Foam (Polyurethane) / R-value 7 per inch 
  • Manufactured with FDA/Health Canada compliant resins
  • Boxes stack together to maximize cube
  • Boxes smooth, with radiused corners for ease of cleaning
  • Boxes do not have drains
  • Dry ice weighs on average 50 lbs. per CuFt
  • All images and drawings are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily represent this exact product
  • Dimensions may vary on polyethylene products by +/- 3% (standard rotational molding tolerance)
  • Customers are responsible for verifying product material(s) compatibility and suitability for their intended application(s)