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8089 Closed Top Side Discharge Hopper 25° Slope

These hoppers permit fast filling, storing and dispensing of granulars and tablets of all types. One-piece molded hopper base and removable access cover are made of FDA compliant polyethylene.

With access cover removed, open-top hopper can be easily filled from side-discharge or bottom-discharge processing equipment. 25 degree down/out angle and 6" opening enable fast, "free-flow" dispensing.

Hopper Brochure (PDF)

Order Name Dimensions Gallons Capacity Capacity Weight ForkliftEntry PalletBase
10 8089 Closed Top 48" x 40" x 42" 20 (Cu. Ft.) 2000 (Lbs) 145 lbs
20 Standard Slide Gate 19.8" x 9.8" x 1.3" 3 lbs
30 Iris Valve 11.9" x 9.5" x 2.2" 3 lbs
  • 25° discharge angle and 6" opening
  • Base design allows 2-way forklift / pallet jack entry
  • Simplified valve system
  • Iris valve or slidegate discharge valve accessory available
  • Less cost with unique hopper design and simplified valve system
  • Stackable 3-high full, with access cover
  • Base design allows 3-way fork-lift/pallet jack entry for easy positioning 
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  • Dimensions may vary on polyethylene products by +/- 3% (standard rotational molding tolerance)
  • Customers are responsible for verifying product material(s) compatibility and suitability for their intended application(s)