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Rack-Master’s™ revolutionary design helps wine makers focus more on making wine, rather than being burdened with rack and barrel maintenance issues. A unique all plastic construction provides complete corrosion resistance and a gentle surface texture that protects expensive oak barrels from unnecessary handling damage. Rack-Master™ is also built to last with unparalleled impact strength, which resists the denting and paint chipping associated with steel racks. This proven durability is backed by the industry’s best warranty protection, offering twice the coverage of the nearest competitor.

The Rack-Master™ design is also very versatile in that every dimension was carefully crafted to accommodate the wine industry’s most popular barrel handling and washing equipment, and is stacking compatible with existing steel barrel rack systems, making the switch to Rack-Master™ a seamless change for existing winery operations. Finally, if Rack-Master™ ever has to be replaced at the end of its useful life, Bonar Plastics has a return program, where used racks are welcomed back to be reprocessed into new racks, providing the wine industry with a documented cradle to grave solution.

Wine Products Brochure (PDF)
Rack-Master Case Study (PDF)
Seismic Testing on Steel Barrel Racks (Video)
Seismic Testing on Rack-Master Barrel Racks (Video)

Order Name Dimensions Gallons Capacity Capacity Weight ForkliftEntry PalletBase
10 2 Barrel 45" x 31.5" x 16" 35 lbs
20 4 Barrel 70.9" x 44.7" x 15" 108 lbs
  • One Piece HDPE Design - No welded joints or areas to trap bacteria; more sanitary, easier to clean.
  • Corrosion Resistant - No refurbishing or repainting required; reduces maintenance costs.
  • Superior Impact Strength - No denting, or chipping; redices maintenance costs.
  • Smooth Plastic Surface - Gentler on barrel assets; reduced coefficient of friction with barrel surface.
  • Pallet Jack Accessible - Side entries are compatible with standard pallet jacks (27” width).
  • Bung Access Port - Allows access to bung port while barrels are stacked for topping, stirring, & sampling.
  • Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty - workmanship and materials. Steel racks are 1 year and for workmanship only.
  • 100% HDPE Recyclable - More environmentally responsible.
  • Maximizes Barrel Oxygen Exposure - Limits barrel contact points, promoting airflow around barrel.
  • 7” Forklift Channels - optimize handling and clearance between stacked barrels.
  • Gradual radius corner design - No sharp corners; decreases accidental damage and improves worker safety.
  • Optional Colors Available.
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  • Dimensions may vary on polyethylene products by +/- 3% (standard rotational molding tolerance)
  • Customers are responsible for verifying product material(s) compatibility and suitability for their intended application(s)