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Sanitary, Durable, Safe, Rackable

Plastic berry tray pallets accomodate multiple types of stacking trays. They are manufactured from USDA/FDA compliant materials, and last 10+ years in typical plant applications.

Berry Pallets Brochure (PDF)
Berry Pallet Drawing (PDF)

Order Name Dimensions Gallons Capacity Capacity Weight ForkliftEntry PalletBase
10 P4736S47-2SSW 46.87" x 36.25" x 7.25" 57 lbs
  • Tray-Lok™ feature/conveyorable
  • Stratis Deck-Lok™ safety stacking feature allows empty pallets to stack empty without sliding
  • Forklift safety straps connect the legs and have scallops on the bottom to extend the effective area of safety on 36” side
  • Molded-in ergonomic under deck hand holds
  • Optional molded-in nameplate for customer logo
  • Molded-in date stamp provides date of manufacture
  • Berry Pallets are designed so when one pallet is on top of a pallet with trays the pallet touches the tray tops evenly
  • All images and drawings are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily represent this exact product
  • Dimensions may vary on polyethylene products by +/- 3% (standard rotational molding tolerance)
  • Customers are responsible for verifying product material(s) compatibility and suitability for their intended application(s)