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45° Flowmaster Plastic Hopper

Patent: US 7,475,796 B2

All Flowmaster hoppers are molded with an extra thick 0.500” heavy duty wall for a longer lasting, more durable container. Molded from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the hoppers are corrosion and chemical resistant with superior impact strength and puncture resistance. One piece hopper construction and seamless interior improves material flow characteristics. Flowmaster Plastic hopper bins are available in a variety of design configurations to meet specific dry handling requirements. Choose from Closed Top or Open Top volume capacities of 25 Cu. Ft. to 80 Cu. Ft. and hopper slopes of either 45° or 60° degree angles.

Flowmaster Brochure (PDF)
45° Hopper Angle Drawing (PDF)

Order Name Dimensions Gallons Capacity Capacity Weight ForkliftEntry PalletBase
10 25 CuFt 48" x 48" x 56.1" 25 (Cu. Ft.) lbs
20 40 CuFt 48" x 48" x 68.7" 40 (Cu. Ft.) lbs
30 50 CuFt 48" x 48" x 75.7" 50 (Cu. Ft.) lbs
40 60 CuFt 48" x 48" x 85.8" 60 (Cu. Ft.) lbs
50 70 CuFt 48" x 48" x 92.7" 70 (Cu. Ft.) lbs
60 80 CuFt 48" x 48" x 101.9" 80 (Cu. Ft.) lbs

Standard Sizes

  • 45º hopper angle - 25, 40, 50, 60, and 80 cubic feet.
  • New improved Sanitary Base with two (2) way fork entry and anti-teeter fork pockets.
  • Optional original base offers four (4) fork entry and two (2) way pallet jacks.

Closed Top Lid Options

  • 12" threaded cap and EPDM Gasket (solid or vented).
  • 18" Internal threaded cap (solid or vented).
  • 22" Sanitary Drum style lid with 304 S/S clamp ring.
  • Available with top stacking/alignment lugs or recessed pockets for secure, stable stacking.

Standard Discharge Options

  • 4" Slide gate or butterfly valve.
  • 8" Slide gate, butterfly valve or Iris valve.
  • 12" Slide gate, butterfly valve or Iris valve.
  • Other sizes available upon special request.

Optional Top Lift Features

  • Standard lift
  • Industrial - (available with all lids).
  • Sanitary (only available with 22" Sanitary Lid).
  • Heavy Duty Lift
  • Industrial
  • Optional extension legs can be permanently molded and cut to desired elevation clearance up to 48".
  • Proprietary company and product information can be permanently embossed within the container wall.
  • Seismic Tie Down Capabilities.
  • Proprietary Company and Product Information can be permanently embossed within the container wall.
  • UN Certified IBC design models available upon special request and volume.
  • Other custom sizes available with sufficient volume.
  • Complete line of ancillary equipment & accessories.
  • All images and drawings are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily represent this exact product
  • Dimensions may vary on polyethylene products by +/- 3% (standard rotational molding tolerance)
  • Customers are responsible for verifying product material(s) compatibility and suitability for their intended application(s)
  • For use with dry materials up to 100 lbs/ft³