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15 & 30 Gallon Poly Drums

Patent: US 10,994,893 B2

More complete drainage - virtually eliminates residue left in
conventional sloped bottom drums with innovative formed
sump design.
Top bung placement facilitates dispensing from dip tubes and
positioning of stir stick/mixing applicators.


• Blow molded from high molecular weight, high density
• Recesses in top chime provide more clearance for
  spigot dispensing.
• Molded-in hand holds.
• Two - 2" buttress thread bungs.
• Two, easier to use tamper evident eyelets.
• More durable top and bottom chime construction for
  handling and rolling drums.
• Optional color coding of drum chimes for product branding.
• Available company logo.
• Drums can stack up to 3 high.
• Volume calibrations in gallons and liters.
• Interstacks with conventional drums.
• Compatible with most drum handling equipment.
• Special resins available for light sensitive chemistries.
• Bottle flourination available.
• Extensive line of closures, vents, caps, covers, dip tubes & mixers.

The ACRC is a not-for-profit organization that works to facilitate the collection and recycling of one-way rigid HDPE plastic agricultural crop protection, specialty pest control, animal health, micronutrient/fertilizer, and/or adjuvant product containers.



Log Stacked/
No. of Drums/
Pallets (Units)
Truckload (Units)
15 gallon
14.9 lbs.
 19.2" 21.4" 644 20 560
30 gallon
20.2 lbs.
19.2" 35.5" 391 10 280
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