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Berry Processing Pallets


Berry Pallet 

Sanitary, Durable, Safe, Rackable

Stratis Berry pallet's accomodate multiple types of stacking trays. They are manufactured from USDA/FDA compliant materials, and last 10+ years in typical plant applications.

46.88" X 36.25" X 7.25"
(119 cm X 92 cm X 18.4 cm)
Plastic Berry Tray Pallet, Deck-Lok, Full 4 way entry, safety empty stacking. food grade blue color, design to mold multiple style stacking berry trays. Patents pending.

Click here to download the Berry Pallet Brochure


Tray-Lok feature/converyable


Stratis Deck-Lok feature

 Forklift Safety Straps

Forklift safety straps 

 Under Deck Handholds

Molded-in ergonomic under deck hand-holds 

 Logo Plate

Molded-in nameplate for customer logo 

 Date Stamp

Molded in date of manufacture stamp

 Pallet Stack

Berry Pallet is designed so when one pallet is on top of a pallet with trays, the pallet touches the tray top evenly.

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